With the snow piled high and temperatures dipped below freezing, you may not even be thinking about spring, but now is a great time to start planning your landscape projects. While you’re huddled inside staying warm, you have a wonderful opportunity to plan out your spring landscape design in the comfort of your home without the demands of outside work.


Plan Ahead for Spring:

Whether you’re considering a new or revamped design for your landscape, adding a backyard patio, deck, outside kitchen or even a pool, winter is the opportune time for you to think about what you want and how to tackle it. A detailed understanding of your goals is necessary from the onset of any design process.

A well thought out landscaping project not only increases your property’s value, but it boosts your home’s curb appeal. A prepared-in-advance design helps to solve problems ranging from ugly views and lack of privacy to poor drainage and nondescript plantings. And now is the time to jumpstart your long-term landscape plan and develop it.

Garden Paradise Master Plan:

Having a master plan is essential to any landscaping project. You don’t have to worry about planning every detail to the nth degree, but a master plan is more about broad strokes, a theme, a look and a feeling that you want to evoke.

While you’re hunkered down in the house during the winter months, you have the opportunity to think through the entire landscape design, from hard-scapes or soft-scapes. It’s a great time of year to help you focus on your initial goals and provides a touchstone for ideas, changes, and decisions down the line. By having a master plan, you will less likely end up with a mishmash of hard-scapes, inappropriate colours, proportions and lacklustre design.

A master plan can help you to create, design and update your yard ranging from the practical to the indulgent while improving curb appeal, privacy, and functionality. Maybe last year you noticed a safety issue that you want to address this spring season. Now is a great time to think about some of those safety issues, such as a pool fence, fire-scaping or erosion on parts of the property that caused headaches last year.

Landscape Planning Guides:

There are several Landscaping Planning Guides on the market that will show you what to consider in planning your landscaping project. They provide you with the information you need to choose the right design and products. You can often begin your adventure by downloading and filling out a landscape priorities questionnaire that will guide you through your likes and dislikes and ultimate goal. Some of these guides may even have a landscape analysis worksheet that covers a multitude of issues pertaining to your specific home.

Professional Landscape Designer:

Winter is a great time to consult with a professional landscape designer, like the professionals at Evergreen Landscapes. During this time of year when everything is dormant and their workload is reduced, their time availability to sit and discuss your ideas is ideal.

Even if gardening is your passion and you think you’ve got a good idea of what you want and how to achieve it, a professional landscape designer may see solutions you never dreamed of and help you avoid costly mistakes. They can assess your property’s strengths and weaknesses, think about the ways you envision using your yard, and understand the steps involved in the landscape design process.

Think Spring!

So, while you’re idling the hours away huddled in your home during the winter months, now is a perfect opportunity to think about your landscaping projects for the spring and jumpstart the process. You’ll be ahead of the crowd without the stress of last minute planning and prepare to enjoy the final results for the upcoming summer