Around this time of year — the holidays — finding truly unique gifts can be hard. It’s easy to sit back at let online retailers tell you what you should be getting your loved one, but unplug a little and ponder what would make someone’s day-to-day duties a little less hectic. What is something we all can agree is a chore? Yard work! This year is the perfect year to contact your local landscaper and give the gift of landscaping.

Give the gift of a lending hand

Do you have a neighbor who is a single mom, wheelchair bound, or works long hours, yet they’ll stop and admire your roses? If you see a neighbor struggling to keep up around the yard, why not lend a helping hand? This is a perfect, practical gift that will be truly appreciated in every season.

Give the gift of senior appreciation

Do you have a parent or grandparent is a nursing home facility? These facilities have extremely tight budgets, and landscaping can fall to the wayside. Why not gift the facility with landscaping services? Many of the residents rely on looking out the window because they’re not able to go outside, so seeing beautiful flowers or a freshly manicured lawn is something they’ll greatly appreciate and be thankful for.

Give the gift of a landscape design

Maybe your loved one is more than capable to, and even enjoys landscaping, but needs a little inspiration from a landscape designer. Give the gift of landscape design; this way they can go in and plan what they want and then make it happen when the weather is warmer.

Give the gift of time

Does your partner work really hard and do you want it to be recognized with a little rest and relaxation? Give time back to your partner by letting a local landscape company do all the heavy lifting in beautifying your property. This will free up time to slip away for a relaxing weekend at your cabin.

Give the gift of a spruced up yard

Do you have that one friend who just isn’t as type-A as some, and the weeds in their yard are taller than you? Maybe they could care less, but maybe they just don’t know where to start. So, help them spruce up their lawn with lawn care services.

Give the gift of knowledge

Did your baby recently graduate from college, and although they’re educated in books, they’re not so much in life skills? Gift them with a year of lawn care services so they can gain knowledge about how to properly mow a lawn, or how to prune flowers. Hopefully they’ll be inspired and use their knowledge to plan next year’s garden.

Give the gift of resale value

Are you gearing up to sell your home? Is the yard a little bland? Gift yourself a landscaping service and increase your resale value! People love a beautiful property, so let MummLandscape spruce it up and have an easier time selling it as well!