When you close your eyes and picture your dream property, what do you see? Whether it’s a beautiful inground pool or an immaculate garden – let your imagination run wild!

Now, how are you going to make your landscaping dream a reality? The good news is it won’t be impossible – you just need to set aside some time, contact a professional who can help, and develop a good landscaping plan.

One of the main purposes of landscaping is to make your home and property more aesthetically pleasing. A great way to step up your landscaping game and help make your dream property a reality is by incorporating rocks or stones. However, deciding what type to use can be challenging. 

Luckily, there are some factors you can consider to make the decision a bit easier.

Identify Your Project

First, you’ll want to correctly identify your project. Are you planning on lining your garden with some Mexican beach pebbles, or are you looking to brighten up an area of your property?

Once you identify what you want to do with your yard, you’ll also want to analyze the size of the project. Want to add a few stones or boulders to your garden or build a stone staircase that leads to your backyard oasis?

After you answer these questions, you can start thinking about the type of rock or stone that will best suit your project.

Shape and Size

Rocks and stones come in all different shapes and sizes, and some of these shapes and sizes will work better for certain projects.

For example, if you are building stone steps leading into your backyard, stone slabs will work better than something like river rock. There are even some types of landscaping rock slabs that can be sized specifically for your project.


Colour is more important than you think!

While it may seem like something you would look past, the colour should be one of the factors you consider before deciding which type of stone or rock to use for your landscaping project. Certain stone options are available in specific colours only, so this can streamline the shopping process.

Are you looking to brighten up an area of your yard? If so, try using something light, such as snow-white pebble or Caribbean beach pebble. If you’re trying to make your yard look livelier or if you’re going for more of a bohemian feel, you’ll want to use something that has a pop of bright colour.


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