After the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean your yard should be dark! Your home and outdoor spaces are beautiful during the day – so why not illuminate your property at night, too? Mumm Landscape has a variety of lighting options, including LED lights that keep costs affordable. Here are five reasons you should consider landscape lighting for your house and yard.

1. Increase Property Aesthetics with Landscape Lighting

The main reason homeowners opt for outdoor lighting is for aesthetic appeal. The glow of dedicated landscape lighting can transform your outdoor areas, adding an ambience to the outdoor space that is inviting and tranquil.

Your landscape lighting will be the envy of the neighbours as they walk by and admire how your house and yard shine in the night.

2. Highlight Features

 Landscape lighting can also play up your creative side. If you have a flair for the dramatic, have our team install a spotlight that points to architectural features on your house. Why not highlight certain showpieces in your yard or garden, such as a tree, statue, or water feature? The creative lighting possibilities are endless!

3. Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, landscape lighting has benefits that extend to your home’s safety and security.

Many people have us install exterior lighting to safely illuminate steps, pathways, and high traffic areas like patios and pool decks. Strategically placed lights make your home safer for family, friends, and guests and prevent unpleasant experiences like slips and falls.

Landscape lighting provides security to your house itself, too. Outdoor lighting directly deters burglars, preventing break-ins from occurring. If a home appears well cared for and adequately lit, trespassing and theft are less likely to occur.

4. Maximize Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Make the most of your outdoor living space in the evening hours as well as during the day.

Exterior lighting helps the whole family enjoy the outdoor space, whether you’re entertaining guests on the patio or the kids are playing in the yard. Feel safe and comfortable knowing your outdoor spaces are functional and visible at night with proper lighting.

5. Add Value and Curb Appeal

Strategic placement of lights can enhance your house’s features, showcasing your property’s beauty. As passersby are admiring how you illuminate your home and yard, you can feel good knowing you made the right choice by adding beauty, safety, and security to your home.

And if you’re looking to sell in the near future, landscape lighting can help increase your property value.