No matter how lovingly you’ve maintained your landscape, deer can wreak some serious havoc – especially on your shrubs and trees. With food sources being scarce in the winter, your beautiful property is even more at risk of becoming a source of food for deer.

Here are five ways to protect your backyard from deer damage.

Use Burlap Around Your Shrubs and Trees

Wrapping your shrubs and trees in burlap creates a barrier from not only hungry deer but also harsh winter winds.

After purchasing a roll of burlap, cut it to fit the shrub or hedge you want to be protected. Use large threading needles to connect the burlap or build wooden frames to protect your plants without damaging them.

Large trees can stay protected from hungry deer by using chicken wire or plastic trunk guards around their trunks.

Install Fencing Around Your Shrubs and Trees

Another effective way to prevent deer damage is by removing the temptation to even enter your property.

From using a decorative fence to a hedge, a deer will be less tempted to venture into your yard if they can’t see the tasty food that’s hidden from their view.

Installing a fence around your gardens will not only barricade deer but will prevent other critters from causing damage, too.

Remove Deer Food Sources

Think about what deer typically eat in the wild, then remove that food source from your property.

Bird feeders full of sunflower seeds should be swapped out for food that deer don’t love but birds will still eat.

When making landscape plans for your property, try incorporating food that deer won’t eat. They despise thorns or strong odours so good choices include cedar, Japanese Maple, Ginkgo, lamb’s ear and boxwood.

Add Deer Repellent

Even after following the tips above, are deer still damaging your property? If so, it may be time for a deer repellent.

Try a natural solution such as lavender, catmint, garlic or chives first before using any chemicals.

There are deer-specific repellents available that can be used near vulnerable plants and trees. These repellents remind deer of a decaying animal but won’t create a horrible smell on your property.

Add Obstacles to Your Yard

Deer are cautious creatures that prefer eating somewhere where they can quickly escape if needed. Installing obstacles such as decorative rocks, sunken beds and layered terraces can create hindrances that will help deter deer.